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Welcome to our site. Here you can put together a lovely spa day gift box in order to experience an elevated form of self-care right at home. Being a faith-based company, we strive to encourage you to invite the peace of God into your self-care routines. I'm here if you need any help.

For the most divine pairing, may we suggest:

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Here at Fancy Legacy, our moments of self-care become divine experiences.


When momentous intentionality translates into an empowering lifestyle, one is mindfully creating spaces in time where there is only room for growth, care, and love coupled with purposefully impactful lifestyle decisions. Just as one would care for a delicate rose; one should always remember to be gentle with themselves and others when necessary. When we curated this collection, we poured so much love and joy into the process. It is our hope that your moments of self-care become a wonderful experience time & time again.

All Natural Handcrafted Skincare - Vegan - Organic Ingredients

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We Hope that The Lavender Dream Bigger Collection inspires peace of mind while encouraging you to Keep God First.


Be Empowered. You Got this, because God has you in His hands!

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Habakkuk 2:2 KJV



Remember that optimal rest
is essential
to your well-being.

The Lavender Dream Bigger Collection

We have all been created for a God given purpose. Let’s be sure to take care of ourselves so that we are able to be of service to others. Always remember to show & give love. Love is you.

Say it with me: I can do ALL THINGS through Christ Jesus! 

The Eucalyptus 'Speak Life' Collection

Speak life over yourself, encourage your self in the LORD

We all know that is is impossible to pour from an empty cup. With that said, one must remain mindful to speak life into all situations, actions & thoughts. Remember to keep God first so that he can establish your path in all ways and in all things. It is our hope that you find this collection invigorating. As you take care of yourself, always remember to be kind to your neighbor…especially due to the fact that you never know all of what a person is going through in their life. We are to genuinely love one another. Even sharing a smile or thoughful compliment can brighten someone else’s day.

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