Copy of About Us


Welcome! I’m Veronica Shaw, a Licensed Esthetician of 7 years, a Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ & a Mother to 3 great children. I consider myself to be a holistic esthetician and with that, I believe that the pursuit of beauty, health & wellness should be wholesome, where one incorporates mind, body & spirit as it relates to taking care of oneself aka divine self-care. I’d love for you to know that my Faith inspires my creativity the most and it is with that divine grace that I create all of the products available for your use/consumption. I’d love it so much for consumers to be inspired, uplifted and pleased when they encounter this brand. 

It was during the lockdown of the pandemic that I found myself doing more to truly understand my purpose, to develop my faith & faithfulness, and doing more of what made me experience joy. I noticed that I was taking multiple baths a week because it gave me the chance to not only enjoy time alone, but I also used this time to pray more, to mindfully reflect, to engage in praise & worship more; and to simply indulge in taking better care of myself. To me, this is divine self-care. 

Fancy Legacy Beauty & Lifestyle was founded with the belief that we were all fearfully and wonderfully made. With that in mind, we should all strive for excellence in not only who we are as an individual, but in what we do and in how we do it. Therefore, our core values center around offering only the best to our customers. Every handcrafted item has been created with thoughtful consideration from where the raw ingredients were sourced, its impact on the environment around us, as well as how it affects and impacts the consumer. We strongly feel that each choice we make on a daily creates a compound effect on our entire life. Let's make it great.

Here at Fancy Legacy Beauty & Lifestyle LLC, we simply want to encourage others to fearlessly awaken a naturally creative them all while living a life that feels amazing to live. This can be done by caring for & being of service to others, maintaining an attitude of gratitude and aiming to become a better person than you were the day before. Life is a wondrous journey, let's enjoy it and in doing so let's be conscientious to take care of ourselves, others and the environment. Sending so much love to you! Thank you for stopping by, we hope your leave with something amazing!