Naturally Sourced Shea Butter is Changing Lives for the Better!

When I decided to go forth with creating my own products, I certainly had a vision in mind of ensuring that I sourced all of my raw ingredients to the best of my understanding and capabilities. This was the only option for me. After all, I'm a Licensed Esthetician and I've grown to concern myself with the cleanliness of the products that I use not only on myself, but on clients as well. With that said, it would only be right for me to exude this same concern when formulating my own products. 

I'm very well pleased to share with you an amazing mission-driven business, Baraka. All of the products from Baraka come from truly hard working women in Ghana as they produce these pure oils and butters. The products that I sourced from them are high quality, certified fair trade, organic and are completely free from chemical processes. This excites me as I only want to provide clean, natural, high quality products to my customers as well!

sustainable sourced, free trade, naturally sourced shea butter

Not only that, but by choosing to support Baraka, I am positively impacting the lives of very dedicated Ghanian women and this in turn has a positive impact on their communities. I just feel like it doesn't get any better than that. In addition, their shipping was relatively fast AND the way that they package their products was superb. Very compact, neat and sealed nicely. I'd encourage any other business with needs of this sort to check Baraka out. I feel that they're a great and sustainable choice. 



Do you think it matters where raw ingredients are sourced from? Do you concern yourself with the impact that any particular ingredient may have on our ecosystems?









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