What is happening to my skin!?

You want beautiful skin right?

Hey, we all do. However we must understand that there are factors that play a role in the appearance of our skin and really our hair AND nails as well. Today I want to share the top five things that you should take into consideration the next time you’re trying to figure out what caused that crazy breakout. That crazy hair shedding…or even that case of the brittles (nails).

How healthy is your skin?

Before I get into that I’d like to share a tad bit why we should care about the health of our skin. As you may already know, we are comprised of cells – and since skin is the largest organ on our bodies it is important that we take great care of it to be sure that it looks amazing as we age. The cells on the skin proliferate [ continually replace or turnover] and in order for these cells to maintain and function properly as we age, we must protect and nourish our skin. This starts from the inside out.

Five Factors That Can Affect Your Skin

…and hair and nails too…

  1. Health habits: how are you eating? is your water intake adequate? do you get a consistent healthy amount of sleep? are you physically active? how is your lifestyle…for example, do you smoke cigarettes?
  2. Heredity: skin conditions, just as heathy skin & hair can be passed down. For instance, acne is more common to strike you if your mom or dad experienced it. But the good thing is that with proper counteractions, you can do something about it.
  3. Sun Exposure: when you are aware of the elements that can damage or hinder collagen production (that good snap back)  of the skin, you will be more prone to take precautions such as using sun screen and covering up your skin when you’ll be out in the sun for extended periods of time.[☀️ The sun can damage the skin in two different ways ( UVA*A for aging/ breaking down collagen and elastin in the dermis & UVB *B for burning/ damages or burns the epidermis aka sunburn)]
  4. Environment: have you ever noticed a change in your skin when traveling from the northern states to the southern states, for instance? Things like the humidity, wind, smog or even air conditioning can affect the condition of our skin and hair.
  5. Medications: sometimes something that you need can also have a side effect in ways that you won’t like. A great example would be some antibiotics, birth control, or any other hormonal medicine. These can sometime cause flaking, dry skin and hair shedding to name a few.

Being mindful of the the factors that can affect your skin and hair can help you to incorporate the proper products and lifestyle changes into your daily regimen.

-Veronica S.


If you need help figuring out a daily skincare regimen or even want to make a lifestyle change by incorporating nutritional supplements into your diet be sure to leave a comment below!


After reading this, how do you feel about your skin? 

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