Capture the Essence of Nature through Plant Based Products & Pure Essential Oils

Pure Nature is Essential to Life

If you know me you know that I love nature, being outdoors and enjoying the beauty of what God has created. Oftentimes while walking lush, wooded park trails full of plant life I ponder many things. This is also when I express deep gratitude with deep breaths of fresh air. Similarly, I appreciate the holistic & homeopathic benefit of plant-based products. With that said, today I want to discuss a few highlights about pure essential oils plus find out how you can get a free set of my favorite blends below.

My son led the way on our latest nature walk.

Imagine with me the intricacies of nature’s beauty. Does this make you realize that the possibilities of what can exist are insurmountable? For instance, have you ever taken a walk in the park and become so inspired with thought and ideas that you immediately felt charged up? Have you ever savored the smell of trees & flowers in the air after the fresh summer rain? Do you ever notice how you feel much more upbeat on a nice sunny day? Don’t you just love the smell of a freshly cut orange?  Just like those instances, pure essential oils have so many positive effects and benefits.

How lovely 🌸
Pretty cherry blossoms hung over us as we explored a park.

Remember that everything in nature serves a purpose and that purpose has a greater impact and benefits you most in its purest form.

Think about how you feel when you eat a green leafy salad that’s loaded with fruits and vegetables compared to how you feel when you demolish a steak and loaded potato. I can bet that the salad leaves you energized, while the steak dinner leaves you feeling stuffed and ready to take a nap.To add to that, not only should we be more mindful of the things that we ingest, but also of the things that we are inhaling as well. If you had the option would you rather spray a chemically enhance air freshener in the air OR diffuse naturally occurring ingredients botanicals into the air?

We can’t completely control the pollutants in the atmosphere outside our homes, but we can control the quality of the air inside our own environment…inside our homes…inside our cars…in our own personal spaces with the use of 100% pure essential oils.

Pure Essential Oils are Life!

I can sincerely attest that essential oils are a big deal in my life because they serve so many great uses in my everyday life. I use them to relax, in my self-care routine, in my beauty care, and even when making natural cleaning solutions.  My home smells like a burst of citrus and this is very mood enhancing. When I’m dealing with allergies, I add a few drops of eucalyptus or my ItWorks Clear Blend to either a steamer or my diffuser to feel immediate relief in my nasal passages. I’m telling you, this literally works wonders, especially as we are having such wishy-washy Michigan weather!


When I diffuse essential oils in my car and in my home, it usually smells like I have some tasty candle lit. I absolutely love it!

Make sure that your Essential Oils are 100% Pure

I’m proud to be a part of a company that sells highly concentrated, 100% essential oils that go through extensive testing processes. When shopping for pure essential oils you must be mindful that there are different grades and that not all oils are created equally. Like you can’t compare the quality in the manufacturing process between a Cadillac and a Ford for example. So just know that while ItWorks provides 100% pure essential oils, there are some out there that are organic (certified by governmental regulating agencies), altered ( less that 50% or not pure), synthetic (made in a lab with little to no essential oil used), and therapeutic grade (aka a gimmick). Overall, your essential oils should be free of impurities.

The essential oils that I use on my body and in the air that my children breathe have never been cut with chemicals or substances. They’ve undergone a five step process to ensure quality. This truly matters to me.

Five Quick Tips:

  • Check the distillation/ expiration date.
  • Exposure to light can degrade natural properties, quality & efficacy, which is why they are packaged in amber containers.
  • Always keep those cute little bottles tightly sealed to avoid oxidation (breaking down & drying out).
  • Always store in a cool, dry place. Too much heat can cause oils to evaporate.
  • When used topically, always test a path of your skin (inner arm for reaction) and also dilute if you have sensitivities.

There are so many ways to use essential oils in your day to day routines, how would you choose to incorporate 100% pure ItWorks Essential Oils into your life?

My favorite blend is BOOM.


Oh, Yea! Before you go I want you to know that if you join my team that you can have these oils free. Find out more here.

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    1. My favorite way to use essential oils right now is adding drops of lavender to my bath. What is yours?

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