Our Wellness Values

Fancy Legacy came to me as a vision to create a brand that embodies my vision to leave a legacy for my children and so on. I would like to be the first in my immediate family to truly create something that is true to me while helping others. As a child, I would always associate going to the spa and receiving services as something that only the rich & famous had the luxury of doing. I would marvel at how amazing it must feel to be pampered. One day I realized that essentially going to the spa, being rejuvenated and feeling beautifully refreshed is a divine form of self care that’s actually available to everyone as long as they decide to do their best to take care of themselves. With that said, I began to become interested in how to make my own natural beauty products at home, how to create a detox bath, explored the things in my refrigerator that could be used to pamper myself. This peaked my interest into a more holistic approach. I also wanted to be able to share with other women how easy it could be to pamper yourself and how good it actually makes one feel too! This is when I acquired my Esthetics license. The problem that I’d like to solve with Fancy Legacy is to have the opportunity to educate women about the simplicity and importance of self care. It is especially imperative to take care of our temple (mind, body & soul) with urgency and gentleness. I want to remind women of the importance of not comparing themselves while enjoying the journey of their life in order to fruitfully walk in her purpose. I believe that these realizations come to us when we feel whole as a woman. When we take care of ourselves. I also want to be able to educate women that it doesn’t have to be expensive to feel luxuriated. By approaching this from a holistic angle we can look within, feed our souls and feed our skin with what is already provided naturally on this earth as well as supernaturally when she connects within. Fancy Legacy will be known as a place to come and retreat. A sacred space to be loved and feel loved. Although I want the facilities to reflect a place of luxury, I want the main idea to be that a woman realizes that she is worth it. That she deserves it. I believe that Fancy Legacy can help to solve the problem of hopelessness, mental decline and anxiety because women will be able to actively participate in self care without even needing to visit the spa, but I know they will eventually make their way.

Fancy Legacy stands out because I see it as being more than a store front spa, so to speak. Although we currently operate as a mobile spa. It will eventually come to be known as a retreat. Aside from the relaxing services that one can usually come to receive at a spa, we will offer workshops that are tailored to each individual. Each individual woman is the work shop in and of herself; for we are all a work in progress anyway. Women will come for skincare treatments, but I’d like to dive deeper to see what is contributing to her issues from within. With that being said, I intend to learn as much as I can about herbs and plant based products as I feel these are most effective for healing from the inside out. I would also have a space where women reflect before receiving services as this will encourage her to journal and sort her thoughts. I want women to learn about how nutrition affects her skin as well. Fancy Legacy will stand out because it will focus on total wellness. I want for women to understand how total health can help to remedy skin issues, body issues and well being overall.