So I’m doing Something Great and I Believe It Works!

Why I became a Beauty & Wellness Influencer?

Here we are already at the first quarter mark of 2017. Can you believe it?! I’m happy and feeling good because this year has been a succession of blessings and happiness. In addition, I told myself that I would be bold this year and seize opportunities as they are made available to me and that I would follow through on everything that I begin.  With that said, when I was approached with the opportunity to become a Brand Ambassador/ Independent Distributor for It Works; I decided to do it because it just made sense for me. And because I am a licensed Esthetician, I decided to label myself as a Beauty & Wellness Influencer with the company. I’m using the product as a consumer as well as offering the product because IT WORKS! and because I can use it in my treatment room. Cool, right?! I believe so.

Pore minimizing Toner that moisturizes, balances and refreshes paired with a soap-free botanical gel based Cleanser great for all skin types.

Having the chance to make an income simply by sharing what I already need and use makes me happy and eager to help others do the same.

Alkalize-Rebalance-Detoxify plus it contains matcha green tea!

The It Works® product line is essential to any healthy lifestyle…

There is really something for everyone. I just love that there are purposeful and helpful products available. For instance, my baby girl is four months old now, and I’m more than ready to shed a few pounds by drinking the Greens, which is a detoxifying, alkalizing energy boosting supplement. Being that I nurse, I will also add that while it has increased my focus, my energy and milk supply have increased tremendously as well.  In addition, I was dealing with extreme postpartum hair shedding – so when I researched the results of others, I became more than enthusiastic to give their Hair Skin Nails (HSN)  a nourishing complex a try which is why I just started a 60-day healthy hair journey this past week. I look forward to sharing those great results as they happen as well!

What I absolutely love AND appreciate the most:

To me, being very hands on with my children is super important to me and with this opportunity, I am able to be there for them all the time. This makes me extremely happy; the fact that I can work while holding my baby girl in my arms AND ensure that my boys are getting the educational attention that they need is extremely gratifying! In addition, I’m loving the face cleanser, toner & exfoliant so I use it on my facial clients. I’ll provide a review on that at a later date, so look out for it!

Having accountability makes it worthwhile:

Lastly, I’m in awe with my team. We’re called Wealth & Vanity and we are one team with one mission. It’s essentially a sisterhood that embraces one another while holding each other accountable for our daily and weekly goals. We like to have individual video calls & training that are used to edify and help each other along with productivity. Well, I don’t want to go on and on but I sure am glad for the opportunity and I pray that God blesses my business to flourish in a way that truly allows for me to be a positive impact on others.


…I encourage you to shop with me to see what works for you. If you have any questions, I’m always available at 248-955-4010 or even my website at

…since using the greens, I find that’s I am not so sluggish throughout my jam packed day.



Shop with me :)
If you think you’d appreciate a plant based beauty regimen or even wellness supplements, I encourage you to check it out as well. 💚

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