Goals, Goals, Goals…What are you doing to make yours happen?

What steps are you taking to achieve YOUR goals?

When I was younger everything about what I wanted to be (“when I grow up”)  seemed more clear. Perhaps it was because I was such a dreamer. Perhaps that was because I was more fearless as a child, but aren’t we all?
At any rate, as I got older real life was definitely happening and I began to lose focus of the things that truly mattered to me like the goals that I pondered upon as a teen. I’m talking about the things that make one feel fulfilled. I would work a job, get bored and move on to something else. When this became a ridiculous pattern, I realized that “this is not the way that MY life should be.” I yearned for more especially because I am the creative type and I desired more for my family and I.


I know you’re probably thinking…”that IS the way that life goes though.” You go to school, graduate and get a job, right? Well to me that seems monotonous, boring and self- limiting. There has to be more to life and the good news is that there is!

God created each of us with a purpose.

I felt deep within my heart that I am destined for GREAT things, I just had to realize it.
With that said, I began to take steps towards making the things that I love to do work for me. Did you catch that? I decided to turn the things that I like to do into a form of income.

♥ If you love what you do, it won’t feel like work.♥

So I’ll wrap this up by saying that I:

  • Obtained my Esthetician license because I enjoy doing makeup & because I like to make people feel beautiful AND cared for.
  • Created this website because I like to write and share information that can empower others.
  • Also created this website as a forum for ALL of my creative expressions and blessed capabilities. This way I have a central place to offer       my services and share my work (portfolio coming soon).
  • Founded the brand Fancy Legacy because I want to encourage others to do what God has created them for, while giving him all the Glory.
  • Became a Beauty & Wellness Influencer with It Works! as a means of making an additional stream of income to help fund my one of my         ULTIMATE  GOALS which is to create my own branded beauty product line (stay tune for that).

Those are just a few reasons. Fancy Legacy will grow to be something amazingly great and impactful. I can faithfully and confidently say this because I pray over my business everyday and Jesus is the cornerstone as I build.

Don’t quit your day job juuusst yet….

By no means am I saying to just drop everything and become this glorified entrepreneur. But I am saying to pray about having clarity and I encourage you to for sure take steps towards becoming “free to be” who God created you to be. I’m currently an It Works distributor as a means of helping to fund my short and long term goals. This opportunity works well for me, especially since I am a busy mom of three. This opportunity could help you as it is helping me to supplement your income while supporting your own dreams.

Remember that great things take time, experience, and passion.

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What skills have you been blessed with that you could make “work” for you?


More about Veronica

Hi! I'm Veronica, a young woman on a mission to live a life full of purpose & passion. I find joy in inspiring others to do so as well. My faith comes first as it empowers me to be great and live up to my blessed potential. If you love to be encouraged while enjoying eclectically expressed creativity, aesthetic trends, and lifestyle highlights; then keep on coming back for more. Fancy Legacy has many great things in store for you to enjoy! ♡♡♡

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