What You Can Expect to See on the Blog

 Beauty This, Skincare That…


The site is currently undergoing an overhaul to provide fresh, relevant, and creative content so stay tuned!!


What you can expect to eventually find here:


Beauty inspiration + latest & upcoming trends as I share my expertise + background + lifestyle:

    • Product Reviews
    • My take on The Fancy (latest beauty concerns, products and critiques)
    • Artistic Expression
    • Skincare Tips, Techniques, and Industry Innovations
    • DIY Recipes and Demonstrations

Feel free to send me a message to let me know what you’d like to see me post, cover, research or even make a content video about.

More about Veronica

Veronica is a mother of three beautiful children. She is also a freelance writer, makeup artist, and a Licensed Esthetician. With FancyLegacy, Veronica enjoys inspiring and encouraging others to be their own kind of beautiful. She's currently taking great enthusiasm and joy in exploring a more holistic lifestyle while sharing her take on what’s what in the beauty industry. If you love to be encouraged while enjoying eclectically expressed creativity, aesthetic trends, and lifestyle highlights; then keep on coming back for more. ♡♡♡

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