Everyone can benefit from a Lifestyle Detox from time to time…

Can you believe it!? We are at the halfway mark of the year! For me, this represents a time to check in with myself to see where I am as it relates to my goals. I’mΒ talking about plans that I have made as it relates to losing weight, making better decisions, launching my business, being more mindful, following through on commitments, and the list goes on! I also have long-term goals, however, I’d like for you to understand why a lifestyle detox will be beneficial for you too because it greatly affects the way that you deal with short-term goals.

How can this Lifestyle Detox Challenge help me?

Well, I’m glad you asked! I created this challenge because I feel that it will help individuals to be more mindful of how you are treating yourself on a daily. Sometimes life can get so busy that we inadvertently put our own selfie on the back burner. We have so many responsibilities and if you’re a mom, a father, a business owner then that list is just is multiplied. I simply want to remind you that it doesn’t take much to take care of YOUrself. Within this challenge, I will present to you various assignments. The first phase of the challenge also encompasses looking inward to sort out thoughts, establish a habit of expressing daily gratitude and to listen to your heart’s desires.

Be who you say you are…

feel how you know feels right…

by being true to you.



Signs that you could use a detox:

  • constant fatigue, sluggish, moody, insomnia
  • muscle aches
  • sinus congestion +issues as well as fluid retention
  • headaches
  • abdominal bloating, resistance to weight loss
  • intense cravings
  • acne, rosacea, itchy skin
  • constantly getting sick

With this Lifestyle Detox, I want us to really assess our mind, body, and surroundings. I feel like these are major areas that shape how we handle life.

You could use a Mental Detox if you:

  • are always in a bad head space
  • feeling overwhelmingly stressed
  • keep making bad decisions
  • have been allowing toxic people into your life
  • keep procrastinating on completing your goals
  • fail to even begin a plan
  • feeling hopeless
  • need mental clarity & focus
  • constantly compare your journey to others
  • would like to focus on being more mindful of taking better care of yourself

Or maybe you’re thinking…“Why Detox? I’m fine.”

Although you may feel fine, and maybe you only can relate to 1 or 2 of the items listed above, but the fact of the matter is that we are exposed to toxins daily. It could be from driving to eating certain processed foods, to environmental factors. Really, the list goes on. For this reason, I believe that a conscious effort to detox the mind & body is beneficial in more ways than one. Being mindful about the foods that we eat, the products that we use on our skin, who we allow into our life and even down to what we think (about ourselves) can help to limit our exposure to toxins. As I always like to say, every step counts!

Join me on my 90 day Journey of Intentional Self Care! It’s not too late! Send an email to fancylegacy@gmail.com or message me below and we’ll get you added to the private Facebook group where we will journey together.

When you’re doing the right thing all while taking care of yourself, Β better late than never is always right!


Here’s what we will be targeting:

It begins from within. Changes for the better.

Grab a nice journal here:


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Everyone could use a daily detox!
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What area of your life would you like to detox? Let me know, let’s connect!


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