Awaken Your Creativity by connecting with God

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO Awaken creativity?

In my opinion it involves living a life that is pleasing in the sight of our Father. Have you ever thought or wondered about who God has called you to be? What type of creativity comes natural for you?

So what are your interests?

I like to draw back to childhood fascinations.  I earnestly believe that our minds as innocent children are untainted and free to BE. Free to be our true selves! So what were you attracted to most as a child? What sparked your interest, excited you and made you feel alive?
For me, it was writing (short stories, poetry & greeting cards), nature (bike rides, collecting National Geographic magazines, using my imagination (playing with barbie dolls, playing school teacher to my brothers) and reading! I also liked to collect stamps and was quite fond of things related to Paris, France and Greece coupled with the fluidity of foreign languages (Spanish & French). It all seemed so adventurous and fancy to me!  I was an explorer. In addition, I had a thing for stylevery creative with the way I put together colors and prints (I always fancied bohemian flowing blouses, floral and paisley prints, natural stones and wool floppy hats). Moreover, individualizing my appearance by way of other girly things like polishing my nails pastel colors, singing into hairbrushes & rearranging my bedroom would make me so happy…just to give you an idea of the type of child that I was. Well enough about my childhood interests, I just wanted to paint you a mental picture of how reflecting back to your purest self can be quite revealing of your heart’s true desires.
Never forget your inner child!
Recalling what you were like as a child can help one to awaken creativity, in my opinion.
You see as we grow older, learn the ways of the world and gain insight from popular culture; it is easy for our own identity to be marbled. It’s easy to become a mesh of so many things other than our true selves. I had to search my soul and pray to the Lord for clarity. This is when I started doing things that I loved again…I also explored and admired other peoples forms of creative expression as a sense of inspiration for myself. I found great enrichment and encouragement.

So what are some forms of creativity?

  • Artistry (hand-made, painters, make up artists, musicians, knitters, photographers)
  • Playing Instruments/ composing
  • Cooking exquisite dishes or even common dishes with amazing presentation (made with LOVE is the best form)
  • Writing, Poetry, Spoken Word & Storytelling, Speaking (publicly, authoring a book, TEACHING)
  • Farming/ cultivating/ being a DIY type of person (of course…well in my book anyway 😀 )
  • SIMPLY THINKING MORE and EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE, READING (you go wherever your imagination pictures)
Overall, I feel that when we strive to live a life that is pleasing to God, he will enrich our intelligence and even intervene on our creative expressions so long as it is put to use as a way to help others. I believe that it is just as simple as that. In addition, when we do what we love…it just doesn’t feel like work! How great is that!
All that we do should be done for the Glory of God!

So what are some benefits of creativity?

  • Relieves stress
  • Oftentimes utilizes both sides of the brain
  • The quiet time alone is like a relaxing form of SELF-CARE
  • You allow yourself to clear you mind
  • It can be invigorating
  • It can be encouraging and inspiring to another
  • Expresses individuality
  • Awakens the imagination
  • Highlights your PURPOSE
  • Your experience JOY because you’re doing something that you love.
By doing what you love , you awaken & inspire the hearts of others.
Inspire someone today, you never know who could be admiring your efforts.
YOUR creativity may change the world!
Need help with exploring?  I would love to assist you on that journey, check out the Get Inspired Consultation for more info on the Contact Page.
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What are some of the ways that you explore YOUR OWN CREATIVITY??

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