What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Your heart’s desire, right?

Fancy Legacy is founded on the beliefs that we each have a sense of creativity that is within us just waiting to be revived, awakened, and shared with others. I don’t know about you, but when I can make someone else feel better, I feel even greater! As a matter of fact, it is often as a result of the creative genius of another that makes our days go a little smoother. Like, what would us ladies do if make up were never created!? What fun would there be to be had! Or how about if the light bulb were never invented? Or what if Steve Jobs just gave up because he kept hearing that his ideas were silly?
You see, there are those who refer to themselves as creatives and you may recognize them for who they are because they boldly, artistically display it. Then there are those who are creative yet don’t want the world to know so they keep all of that amazement to themselves for fer of judgement or some other fallacy. Fancy Legacy strongly encourages you cultivate that creativity because it can be a beautiful thing.

You have everything that you need inside you to be who you want to become, to make a difference in the world, to inspire others…you just gotta have Faith, Believe in Yourself, and Keep God First.

-Veronica S.

I wholeheartedly believe that our creativity is a gift that has been graced to us by God. I strongly feel that these gifts are to be used for the edifying, enriching & encouraging of others. I’m sure you’ve heard that when you find your passion, you find your purpose. This is how I feel about creativity…it IS that purpose that you were created for. We are all so unique with so much to offer….fearfully and wonderfully made.

You may recognize your gift as a special talent, niche or skill set. I simply want to remind you that when you put your gift to use for the Glory of God, then you are opening up a wonderful present that has the potential to bless you & your family abundantly. This is the type of abundance that multiplies. This is the type of greatness that impacts others. This is the type of giving that allows you to build a LEGACY. Get ready to Faithfully Awaken a Naturally Creative You with Fancy Legacy! I’m so glad that you’re here! For Fancy legacy embraces the use of individual creativity that allows one to create & live an abundant lifestyle, thus enabling him or her to build a legacy for the now & for future generations.


Fancy Legacy is here as a gentle reminder to encourage you to put God first in all that you do…and since the choice is yours to decide – I pray that you seek truth, wisdom & understanding, with love.


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As for me…I’m building a Fancy Legacy knowing that Jesus is the cornerstone! -Veronica ♥♥♥